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Advance ® Termite Bait Station

Baiting with Advance ® Termite Bait Station

Our customers appreciate the many benefits of termite baits. The Advance Termite Bait System provides you with the following key benefits that are inherent only to termite baits.

  • An aggressive approach that eliminates the entire termite colony
  • Non-invasive installation to the home’s landscaping or yard
  • A sound environmental approach that uses no liquid chemicals in or around the home
  • Visible termite control the homeowner can see and touch
  • Long-term protection in and around the home while unaffected by rain, sunlight or other factors as with liquid pre-treatments

How does the Advance ® Termite Bait System work?


  • First, a technician will inspect your home for termites.
  • Thereafter, the Advance Termite Bait System will be installed in soil around the perimeter of your home.
  • The stations will be checked regularly for termite activity.
  • When termites are found in a station, the Termite Inspection Cartridge (TIC), containing no active ingredient, is replaced with a Termite Bait Cartridge so termites can start feeding on the bait.
  • As termites feed and then travel back to the colony, they share termite bait with other nest mates and send other termites back to feed on the bait. As feeding on the bait continues and more and more termites are affected, the termite colony starts to die and is eliminated.
  • After a colony is eliminated, the bait is replaced with a new inspection cartridge. Dandi Guaranty will continue to inspect the stations regularly to discover and treat any new colonies that invade your property.

For more information, visit Advance Bait System at Termidor