Tulsa Homeowner Guide on Getting Rid of Ants in Your Kitchen

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Ants are a common problem in many households, and Tulsa, Oklahoma is no exception. These tiny insects can invade your kitchen, contaminate your food, and cause all sorts of problems. If you're dealing with an ant infestation in your kitchen, here's a guide on how to get rid of them.

What Are The Risks of Having Ants in Your Kitchen?

If you are a resident of Tulsa, you know the environment can be quite welcoming to insects like ants. With them being active most of the year, chances of an infestation occurring can increase, and a kitchen is one likely area to watch out for. Having ants in your kitchen may not seem like a big deal at first, but it can pose some risks that should not be ignored. Here are some of the risks of having ants in your kitchen:

  • Contamination of food: Ants can contaminate your food with their saliva, feces, and body parts. This can lead to foodborne illnesses such as salmonella and E. coli, which can cause serious health problems.
  • Allergies: Some people may be allergic to ant bites, which can cause an allergic reaction. Ants can also trigger asthma attacks in some individuals.
  • Structural damage: Some species of ants can cause structural damage to your home by tunneling through wood and other materials. Carpenter ants, for example, can cause significant damage to the wooden structures of your home.
  • Attracting other pests: Ants can attract other pests such as cockroaches and spiders, which can also pose health risks and cause structural damage.
  • Decreased food quality: Ants can decrease the quality of your food by leaving pheromone trails that attract more ants, which can lead to an even larger infestation.

Eliminating Ants From Your Tulsa Kitchen: 

Getting rid of this pesky insect is not always easy, so Dandi Guaranty has created a list of preventative actions you can try to eliminate any ant infestation in your kitchen: 

Identify the Ant Species

The first step in getting rid of ants is to identify the species you're dealing with. Different ant species have different preferences when it comes to food and nesting habits. Knowing the type of ant will help you determine the most effective method of elimination. If you're unsure what kind of ants you have, you can contact a pest control professional in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for help.

Types of Ants in Tulsa Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma is home to several species of ants, including:

  • Argentine Ants: These small, brownish-black ants are one of the most common ant species found in Tulsa. They are attracted to sweet and greasy foods and are known to form large colonies.
  • Carpenter Ants: These large, black ants are known for their ability to tunnel through wood, which can cause structural damage to your home. They are attracted to sweet foods and are commonly found in and around homes with woodpiles or decaying wood.
  • Odorous House Ants: These small, dark brown ants are known for their musty odor when crushed. They are attracted to sweet foods and are commonly found in and around homes.
  • Pavement Ants: These small, brownish-black ants are commonly found nesting under sidewalks and driveways, but they can also be found in and around homes. They are attracted to sweet and greasy foods.
  • Red Imported Fire Ants: These reddish-brown ants are known for their painful stings and aggressive behavior. They are attracted to sweet and greasy foods and can be found in open fields and yards.
  • Texas Leafcutting Ants: These large, reddish-brown ants are known for their ability to strip leaves from trees and plants. They are not commonly found in urban areas but can be found in rural areas around Tulsa.

It's important to identify the ant species you're dealing with to determine the most effective method of elimination.

Keep Your Tulsa Kitchen Clean

Ants are attracted to food, so the best way to keep them out of your kitchen is to keep it clean. Be sure to wipe down counters, sweep floors, and clean up spills as soon as possible. Store food in airtight containers and keep your kitchen free of crumbs and debris. Pull out appliances in your kitchen to clean behind them as this is a common place where infestations can occur. 

Seal Entry Points

Ants can enter your home through even the tiniest cracks and gaps. Seal any entry points you find in your kitchen, such as around windows, doors, and pipes. Use caulk or weatherstripping to seal gaps, and install door sweeps if necessary.

Use Ant Baits

Ant baits are a great way to eliminate ants in your kitchen. These baits contain a slow-acting poison that the ants will carry back to their nest, killing the entire colony. Place ant baits in areas where you've seen ant activity, but be sure to keep them away from children and pets.

Try Natural Remedies

If you prefer to use natural remedies, there are several options available. For at-home ant control, you can sprinkle cinnamon, cayenne pepper, or coffee grounds around entry points to deter ants. You can also make a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar and spray it around areas where ants are entering your home.

Having Ant Infestation Issues? Call a Pest Control Professional in Tulsa, OK

If you've tried the above methods and still can't get rid of the ants in your kitchen, it may be time to call our exterminators in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These professionals have the knowledge and tools necessary to eliminate even the most stubborn ant infestations. Dandi Guaranty has been servicing the local community around Tulsa for over 65 years. Our experts offer same-day services and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can be confident when working with our exterminators for ant control in Tulsa.

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