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Pest Control in Tulsa

Pest infestations can cause a lot of unwanted stress to you and your family and provide possible dangers to your home. When it comes to exterminating bugs or rodents, home solutions will not get the job done, so contact the experts with over 64 years of experience at Dandi Guaranty for expert pest control in Tulsa. When you consult with our technicians, we can help you get rid of the following: 

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Mosquitoes
  • Bed Bugs
  • Termites
  • Stinging Insects
  • And More!

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Fast & Efficient Pest Services in Tulsa

Making sure your home is free of insects or rodents can be a daunting task, especially if you're already dealing with cockroaches or ants crawling around your home. When you have a pest infestation, it's important to get rid of it as soon as possible! That's where Dandi can help as out exterminators offer same day services, and have the expert knowledge to execute a plan that you can trust. Our pest control in Tulsa includes a customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can expect the following: 

  • A free inspection by one of our expert pest exterminators. 
  • Reduced-risk products to ensure the safety of your family. 
  • A custom treatment plan designed specifically for your home. 
  • 24-hour phone lines so you can call us on your time. 
  • Bait stations are placed strategically around your home depending on the targeted pest.
  • And much more!

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Over 64 Years of Guaranteed Satisfaction

Having pest control done right the first time is not just ideal, it should be guaranteed! Our technicians at Dandi will work with your schedule to treat your home and if you aren't satisfied with our work, we'll come back and re-treat for free. With over 64 years of experience, our latest technologies and industry-leading tools are the perfect fit to exterminate any pest getting in your way. 

Termite Treatment in Tulsa

With termites being a destructive, dangerous pest to have around your home, you'll want to make sure these pests are exterminated as quickly as possible. Not only will they chew through your internal wooden structures, but they will tunnel under your foundation and infest your entire property to where you are forced to contact a professional pest control company. Damage from these insects can cost homeowners thousands of dollars, so it's vital to make sure you stay proactive and contact Dandi Guaranty for termite treatment in Tulsa! When you let our technicians help, Dandi can prevent termites by: 

  • Proper inspections of your home for possible termite activity and spot the infestation. 
  • Reduced-risk bait station treatments that are safe for you and your family.
  • Monthly monitoring to ensure our treatments are working.
  • $250 off when you sign up for our termite service today!

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Bed Bug Treatment in Tulsa

Say goodbye to bed bugs and hello to a peaceful sleep! With over 64 years of experience, Dandi's professional bed bug exterminators are your premier choice for clean-cut comfort. Our family-friendly bed bug treatments in Tulsa promise you complete relief from any unwanted critters in your home. Book an appointment today and get same-day inspections, top-notch removal options (including heat or chemical treatments), and convenient quarterly re-treatments that guarantee peace of mind.

When you trust our Tulsa bed bug exterminators, you'll receive the following: 

  • A free inspection to determine the severity of your infestation.
  • Heat or chemical treatment options that are based on your needs.
  • Same-day services if you call before noon. 
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If bed bugs come back, so will the Dandi team!

Get Rid of Bed Bugs with High-Intensity Heat or Chemical Treatments

Drown out the noise of crawling insects with Dandi's high-intensity treatment methods. Our all-encompassing extermination solutions will eradicate any bed bugs living within your home – without compromising on safety or comfort. Our eco-friendly measures promise a safe environment for both pets and people, so you never have to sacrifice your family’s well-being for practicality’s sake.

Rodent Control in Tulsa

Rodents can cause excessive and expensive damage to homes and businesses. Rodents often chew through wires, contaminate food, and damage drywall. Rodents such as rats and mice also carry disease and bacteria such as Hantavirus and Tularemia. If you are dealing with rodents in your home, let our expert rodent exterminators in Tulsa help you get rid of mice and rats for good.

Our rodent control in Tulsa includes: 

  • A complete home inspection to find where rats and mice are hiding and reproducing.
  • A customized treatment plan tailored to your needs. 
  • Same-day servicing to take care of rodents as quickly as possible.
  • Recurring treatments to keep rodents away. 
  • Our complete satisfaction guarantee!

We know that dealing with rodents is a stressful situation, so it's important that you choose a company that is trustworthy and has the level of experience needed to handle rodents properly. Dandi has been offering rodent extermination since 1959, so contact us today for complete rodent removal in Tulsa! 

Mosquito Exterminator in Tulsa

Don't let mosquitoes and ticks ruin your time spent outside fun! Our mosquito and tick treatments in Tulsa provide effective and reliable control, keeping your family comfortable and safe against these biting pests all year long.

Our mosquito and tick control services come with the following:

  • A Free quote
  • Mosquito barrier spraying
  • Our recommended three-week treatment cycle
  • Targeted larvicides
  • Special even treatments

Our mosquito exterminators in Tulsa always utilize the newest techniques and products to keep your yard tick & mosquito-free.

Ant Exterminator in Tulsa

Are ants taking over your home or lawn? Our expert ant exterminators in Tulsa are here to help. Our ant treatments in Tulsa cover the most common ant species:

  • Odorous house ants
  • Carpenter ants 
  • Acrobat ants
  • Fire ants
  • Harvester ants
  • Little black ants

Contact our team of ant exterminators in Tulsa today to get rid of these pests ASAP.

Areas We Service Around Tulsa

Looking for pest control exterminators around Tulsa? We also service the following locations:

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The service provided by Keith Jacobsen was very professional and the results were great

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Josh was incredibly knowledgeable and answered my questions and concerns. Thank you Dandi Guaranty and Josh!

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Great service from a very friendly person. Keith was helpful. I think his last name started with a J

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