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What are pest birds?

Pest birds are classified as birds that pose a threat to or cause problems for residential or commercial properties. Some major pest birds in our service area include pigeons, sparrows, blackbirds, and grackles. These nuisance pests are also called bully birds due to their tendency to invade properties and pick bird feeders clean in just a matter of minutes. These pest birds are often found around rural areas, scoping out their potential next meal, which could be anything from birdseed to leftover food in your garbage.

two types of pest birds with light grey feathers and red feet

Are pest birds dangerous?

Pest birds can pose a number of problems for home and business owners. The biggest problem they pose is related to the fecal matter they drop. This fecal matter can cause fungal growth, possibly leading to serious diseases such as histoplasmosis; they also pose the risk of spreading food poisoning in the form of salmonella. In addition, these pesky birds have also been known to fly into heavy machinery, breaking or damaging them. That’s the last thing any factory owner wants to deal with!

Why do I have a pest bird problem?

If you have pest birds hanging around on your property it is likely they are finding a source of food, water, and shelter nearby. Birds are attracted to properties that provide them with easy access to food. If your property provides these birds with an easy meal such as an unsealed garbage can or food scraps littered around your property as the result of having traffic in front of your business, food being left out after an outdoor gathering, or wildlife animals getting into your garbage and strewing it around.

Pest birds often invade homes and businesses to find a warm place to overwinter when the weather begins to cool down. During the colder months, many birds seek shelter and warmth inside the attics spaces, roof areas, and near the ventilation areas of Oklahoma homes and businesses.

How do I get rid of pest birds?

If you are looking for a good way to get and keep birds off your property, look no further than us at Dandi Guaranty. Excluding pest birds from commercial and residential properties is a service we are proud to offer. Don’t give pest birds a chance to cause trouble. Partner with Dandi Guaranty for complete pest bird protection for your property!

Can I eliminate pest birds myself?

Dealing with pest birds on your own can be very frustrating. Just when you think you’ve found a good solution with a store-bought product, those clever birds find a way around it. The common storebought bird control methods such as audio deterrents and fake predators only work for so long, but with professional solutions, they’ll stay away for good!

Here at Dandi Guaranty, we provide quality professional bird exclusion for Oklahoma homes and businesses to ensure that your property remains bird-free. If you’re dealing with pest birds on your property, let the team of pest control experts help you get rid of them! When you choose our residential and commercial services, you can rest assured knowing that your home and business is being protected from nuisance birds! For more information about our services, reach out to us today!