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What are tree and shrub pests?

As their name suggests, tree and shrub pests are pests that threaten the plant life around properties. Some common tree and shrub pests found here in Oklahoma include beetles, aphids, mealybugs, whiteflies, bark scales, and weevils. All of these pests are unwelcome guests for homeowners who wish to keep their yards green and full of life!

small white and green oval shaped pests that eat shrubs found in norman suburbs

Are tree and shrub pests dangerous?

The biggest threat that tree and shrub pests pose is to the plant life around your home. Mealybugs, for example, harm a number of different plants by piercing their leaves and stems to feed on their sap. Some other tree and shrub pests such as the weevil go beyond simply destroying your garden and landscaping and can actually invade our food sources as well. And the worst thing is that weevil eggs are nearly invisible to the naked eye, making it that much easier to buy tainted foods without realizing it.

However, the biggest threat that tree and shrub pests pose to properties here in Oklahoma is to their value. When these pests make their way into our yards, they can kill grass, damage gardens, ruin landscaping, cause plants to wilt, and, in general, leave the yards that they infest much less appealing than when they first arrived!

Why do I have a tree and shrub pest problem?

All tree and shrub pests invade properties, and sometimes even homes, to find three main things: food, moisture, and harborage. If your yard has an ample amount of foliage, greenery, or garden space, you can be certain that those tree and shrub pests will be able to find the food they are looking for on your property. Beyond that, moisture and harborage can be found in a number of ways for different pests and can often be found in abundance in and around Oklahoma properties.

How do I get rid of tree and shrub pests?

As a property owner, the best thing you can do when dealing with tree and shrub pests is to partner with the Oklahoma pest control experts at Dandi Guaranty. Here at Dandi, we are in the business of helping property owners find freedom from unwanted plant-killing pests infesting their homes and yards. When you choose us as your pest control provider, you’ll never have to wonder if we’ll get the job done right. It’s our guarantee! So if your yard is being overrun by destructive pests, reach out to us today!

Can I control tree and shrub pests myself?

Tree and shrub pests are often a hassle for homeowners to deal with on their own. However, one step you can take to help keep them away is to make sure your yard is properly maintained. Beyond that, the only surefire way to keep these unwanted pests off your property is to seek the help of professional pest control technicians here at Dandi Guaranty. We’d be happy to help! For more information on how our home pest control services can help protect your property from tree and shrub pests, give us a call today!