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Bed Bugs

Dandi-Guaranty have a tested and proven bed bug service protocol that really works.

We utilize a one-two punch that wipes out bed bugs before they know what happened. This approach involves the application of both heat and pesticides.

Killing bed bugs with heat involves getting the interior of your home up to a level of heat that makes survival impossible. When the temperature gets up near 140 degrees, they simply cannot survive. Dandi-Guaranty’s heat treatment system permeates every corner of the area being treated, allowing no escape for the dreadful bed bugs. Chemicals simply cannot be placed in every area where they are hiding, but heat finds them wherever they are. Your home becomes a death trap for these unwanted bugs. There is just no way they can endure such high heat and live. No matter where they try to hide, they cannot escape Dandi-Guaranty’s heat treatment.

As a supplement to the heat treatment, Dandi-Guaranty applies high-quality pesticides in certain areas of your home that will help reduce the chances of infestations after the heat treatment is done.

Should you treat for bed bugs now? Yes, you should get rid of the critters immediately. If left untreated, bed bug populations will grow exponentially as each day passes, making future control more time consuming, and more costly.

Once nearly eradicated from the world, Bed Bugs are now virtually everywhere. No longer is a bed bug infestation considered a social stigma. The cleanest homes and businesses are now subject to infestation by these blood-hungry creatures.It wasn’t too long ago when there were so few bed bugs to be found, scientists had a difficult time keeping enough of the critters in their laboratories for scientific studies. But, thanks in part to banning certain chemicals, and thanks to evolving resistance to other pesticides, bed bugs are now back with a vengeance. Today, many, if not most chemical treatments are ineffective against bed bugs. Bed bugs don’t just live on and around the beds. They can survive and even thrive, in virtually any room of your home. They can be in and on your beds, behind pictures and mirrors on the wall, in and under carpeting, behind baseboards, inside electrical outlets, on couch cushions, and many other areas.