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Years of Experience

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Top Choice For Reliable Pest Control

After 60 years of pest control across the greater Tulsa and OKC Metro areas, we’ve learned a thing or two about keeping properties free from unwanted pests like rodents, termites, cockroaches, and more. We also know that our customers value the friendly and focused professionalism of our technicians. That’s because when you team up with Dandi Guaranty Pest Control, you can rest assured knowing all of your frustrating pest problems will get solved swiftly, skillfully, and with smiles. Unlike other pest control companies, we always pick up, show up, and deliver on our pest control promises. We’ve laid out our pest control process for homes below to set your expectation for excellent service.
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5-Steps to Quarterly Service

  • 1. Web Dusting/Inspection

    Web dust all reachable eaves, soffits, windows and doors. Scrape all reachable wasp and Mud Dauber nests.

  • 2. Crack & Crevice Treatments

    Dust all weep holes, windows, door frames and trim, soffits, HVAC lines into home, duct work from home, expansion joints, etc.

  • 3. Baiting

    Granular baiting on the exterior of home to all conducive areas such as: landscaping, firewood piles, decking, old tree stumps, etc.

  • 4. Liquid Treatments

    Interior and Exterior perimeter treatment. Exterior foundation treatment, treatments around windows, doors, soffits, gutters. Interior treatment as requested.

  • 5. Granulated Perimeter

    Exterior Granular Treatment that extends 8’-10’ from foundation. Perfect final step to repel crawling insects.

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Quarterly Pest Control Plans

Dandi Guaranty’s quarterly pest control program is the ideal solution for homeowners looking for year-round pest protection that eliminates and prevents common household bugs and rodents. All you have to do is give us a quick call, and you’ll receive an initial interior and exterior inspection and treatment to rid your home of any existing pest problems. Thirty days after that initial inspection, a licensed pest control professional will return and perform your first quarterly service based on their previous assessment of your property.

At Dandi Guaranty, we care about our neighbors, and keeping their homes free of pests is our priority. That's why our quarterly pest control services are guaranteed — if a pest problem arises between visits, we will come back out to treat for free!

*Excludes carpenter ants, acrobat ants, German roaches, rats, and scorpions. Add-on services are available for these pests. Ask us for details.

  • Coverage for over 20 pests*
  • Exterior perimeter treatment
  • Granular treatments that extend the protective perimeter beyond the foundation
  • Exterior web dusting (includes reachable areas)
  • Exterior cracks and crevices treatments
  • Interior pest treatment (upon request)

Specialized Bed Bug Treatment Options

Bed bugs are annoying pests that infest areas where people congregate, especially sleeping areas. Due to their sneaky behaviors and nocturnal nature, bed bugs can be challenging to spot. That’s why Dandi offers free bed bug inspections to help homeowners identify their bed bug problem before it spirals out of control. If we find bed bugs in your home, we’ll begin our bed bug treatments designed to be fast and effective with your go-ahead.
We offer three primary bed bug treatments for homeowners, which include:

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Our pest control technicians utilize a two-part process to wipe out bed bugs from your home completely. The first step in treating the infested areas is using conventional products and repellents. Once the infected areas have been adequately treated, the next step is heating your home to 140°F. While it may seem counterintuitive that bed bugs can’t survive this temperature because they seem to seek out warm places, 140°F happens to be the lethal threshold for this particular pest.

Conventional Bed Bug Treatments

In addition to our heat treatments, we also offer stand-alone conventional bed bug control services. This method is often deployed if the bed bug infestation isn’t as serious as severe cases. We’ll simply administer bed bug products to infested areas designed to wipe out the infestation.

Proactive Bed Bug Protection

If your home does not have a bed bug problem and you want to keep it that way, consider Dandi Guaranty’s quarterly bed bug protection. A trained and licensed pest control professional will visit your home every quarter. The technician will inspect and treat for bed bugs twice per year to ensure bed bugs do not have a chance to disrupt your life and sleep.

Termite Inspection and Extermination

Suppose you’ve found termites swarming inside of your home or on your property, or you’ve uncovered termites or termite damage. In that case, Dandi Guaranty offers effective termite control in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and throughout our Oklahoma service area.


Authorized Operators of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System


“The Sentricon® Termite system is backed by more than 60 scientific and 30 independent research studies, which have all concluded that it is the only termite control product proven time and again to eliminate entire colonies of termites without the need for repeat treatment.”

As Authorized Operators of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, you can count on our team to get rid of termites and prevent new termite activity from occurring. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your property and then install termite bait stations in the soil around the perimeter of your home. 

Once the Sentricon® System has been placed, we’ll continue monitoring the stations for activity and adding bait or performing maintenance if necessary. In addition to eliminating existing termite infestations, the Sentricon® System is ideal for property owners who want to ensure that termites don’t have a chance to infest.

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