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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that feed off the blood of nearby hosts to survive and reproduce. And unfortunately, humans are their favorite food source. Bed bugs can be identified by their 3/16 inch long, flat, oval-shaped bodies that are reddish-brown. Typically, bed bugs go through five stages while developing into fully grown adult bed bugs. These pests invade homes by hitchhiking on clothing items, personal belongings, and used furniture. So before you pull that couch off the curb, beware of a potential bed bug infestation.
Common Questions

About Bed Bugs

If you find yourself with a bed bug problem, the best thing you can do is contact Dandi Guaranty.

How Serious Is a Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bugs have not been found to pose any significant threats to our health, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t negatively impact your daily life. The most harm these pests cause comes in the form of the blood and fecal stains around our sleeping areas and, of course, their bites. When they bite, bed bugs can leave behind irritated, red bumps on the skin with some people who are allergic to their tastes. The bottom line is nobody wants to be bitten by bugs in their sleep, and that’s where Dandi Guaranty comes to the rescue with same-day emergency bed bug .services.

What Caused My Bed Bug Problem?

By nature, bed bugs are hitchhiking pests. They don’t invade through conventional means, such as an open window or a crack or gap in your home's foundation. Instead, bed bugs cling to luggage, clothing items, briefcases, furniture, or other items in the hopes that they will end up in an area that provides them with a consistent source of food. If you have bed bugs in your home, chances are you or one of your family members picked them up while out in a well-traveled area and brought them home without knowing. Some common hot spots for bed bug activity include hotels, airports, retail stores, movie theaters, or anywhere with a fair amount of human traffic.
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Dandi Guaranty’s Bed Bug Removal Options

Bed bugs are annoying pests that infest areas where people congregate, especially sleeping areas. Due to their sneaky behaviors and nocturnal nature, bed bugs can be challenging to spot. That’s why Dandi offers free bed bug inspections to help homeowners identify their bed bug problem before it spirals out of control. If we find bed bugs in your home, we’ll begin our bed bug treatments designed to be fast and effective with your go-ahead.
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Dandi Guaranty is a locally-owned and family-operated business located at 9912 E. 45th Pl. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We've provided quality residential and commercial pest control solutions for our neighbors here in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metros since our founding in 1959. To find out if you're located within our service area, check out our service locations listed below. Don’t count us out just yet if you don't see your town/city listed below. To see if our technicians will service your area, reach out to us at Dandi Guaranty today.

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