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Rodents can be characterized by their sharp, front incisors that never stop growing. To maintain their teeth and keep them at a manageable length, rodents will chew and gnaw on just about anything they can find. And if these rodents find their way into your home or business, that behavior can cause some costly repairs to your property.
Common Questions

About Rodents

What appears to be a small problem, could end up being a large one.

Should I be worried about Rodent infestation?

While seeing an occasional mouse zip through your kitchen might not be that big of a deal, it could be a sign that there’s more going on than meets the eye. Calling in the pest control professionals after one sighting wouldn’t be an overreaction, and that’s because rodents pose risks to your health and home. On the health side of things, rodents carry and spread a list of diseases and parasites like fleas, ticks, Salmonellosis, Mycoplasma, and more. And when it comes to your home, rodents have a constant need to chew and, due to the strength of their teeth, the list of things they can chew through is rather long. Their teeth are so strong they can chew through wire mesh, concrete, and even lead. This could mean trouble for the inner workings of your home or business, especially your wiring.

What Caused My Rodent Problem?

Rodents will invade homes to access their three basic needs: food, water, and shelter. If your home provides these necessities, and rodents can get inside through a breach in your home or business's exterior, they're likely to stick around. Rodents only need a tiny opening to be able to squeeze inside and set up shop for the foreseeable future. It can be challenging to avoid a rodent infestation, but getting rid of them doesn’t have to turn into an all-out battle if you involve pest control professionals early in the process.

Can I Control a Rodent Infestation Myself?

Eliminating rodents using DIY rodent control methods can often feel impossible. Rodent traps often fail to produce results, and pesticides can harm more than just the rodents they're meant to eliminate. And no matter how much success you think you've seen, more rodents keep showing up. If you're dealing with a rodent problem in your home or business, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to handle it on your own—instead, partner with the Oklahoma pest control experts here at Dandi Guaranty for quality rodent protection.
Pest Protection

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Dandi Guaranty is a locally-owned and family-operated business located at 9912 E. 45th Pl. in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We've provided quality residential and commercial pest control solutions for our neighbors here in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metros since our founding in 1959. To find out if you're located within our service area, check out our service locations listed below. Don’t count us out just yet if you don't see your town/city listed below. To see if our technicians will service your area, reach out to us at Dandi Guaranty today.

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Tulsa • Bixby • Broken Arrow • Catoosa • Coweta • Jenks • Owasso • Sand Springs

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